How Long Does Withdrawal From Seroquel (Quetiapine) Last?

Quetiapine, also recognized by its brand name Seroquel, belongs to a class of medicines called antipsychotics.

It is commonly recommended for a variety of approved as well as off-label usages consisting of anxiousness, psychosis, sleep problems, and also anxiety. It has mood-stabilizing residential or commercial properties, so it is occasionally made use of for the treating of bipolar affective disorder or state of mind lability.

If you stop taking Seroquel suddenly, it is essential to recognize that there have been unusual reports of moderate or extreme withdrawal symptoms. A few of these signs and symptoms might include queasiness, vomiting, or restlessness. In uncommon cases, people have actually experienced unusual motions referred to as withdrawal dyskinesia.

What Is Withdrawal?

Withdrawal is a term utilized to define a collection of signs and symptoms that take place as a result of a material suddenly leaving your body. The signs are special to the substance yet may be similar to the withdrawal signs of other compounds in the very same class.

The influence of withdrawal signs and symptoms depends on the material you are taking out from, in addition to how heavily you utilized the material and also for how long. Withdrawal symptoms from caffeine, for instance, may be unpleasant, yet they generally do not result in serious medical consequences.

In some cases, though, withdrawal from a substance might be dangerous or even deadly. Withdrawal from medications such as benzodiazepines requires clinical supervision. Withdrawal from Seroquel might call for clinical guidance also, particularly for any mental signs and symptoms that might happen.

Withdrawal Does Not Mean Dependency

Withdrawal is an organic response that results from quiting making use of a compound to which your body has actually come to be accustomed. The term withdrawal is usually stigmatized as a result of its organization with dependency. Withdrawal implies that your body has come to be from a physical standpoint depending on something, yet does not immediately indicate the disease of addiction.

Like withdrawal, addiction indicates that your body has ended up being dependent on a compound. Nevertheless, dependency develops psychological effects that make somebody ready to take part in high-risk habits in order to obtain or use the substance even with adverse effects.

Even if you are able to take out from a material does not immediately indicate that it is habit forming. It needs to be kept in mind, nevertheless, that there are reported situations where Seroquel does have the potential to be mistreated.

Symptoms and signs

Research studies have actually suggested that abrupt discontinuation of Seroquel can lead to withdrawal symptoms. These signs include:


Extreme sweating

Increased heart price

Sleep problems


Throwing up

Some people experience abdominal pain, looseness of the bowels, or muscle mass rigidness. Other mental functions of withdrawal include irritability, frustration, as well as restlessness.

A rare repercussion of instantly stopping Seroquel is withdrawal dyskinesia which is identified by abnormal, spontaneous movement of the upper body or facial muscles.

Duration of Signs

Signs and symptoms can last anywhere from a few hours to several weeks. Those signs and symptoms that last beyond six weeks are classified as consistent post-withdrawal symptoms.

In a research study taking a look at responses related to quiting a variety of psychotropic medicines currently on the market, 48% of participants experienced some withdrawal signs and symptoms, even if some were rather moderate.2 Seroquel withdrawal is thought to be significantly rarer than this portion.

Initiatives to measure the prevalence of Seroquel withdrawal are restricted by the truth that it is uncommon. It becomes tough to carry out in-depth studies regarding Seroquel withdrawal when there are so couple of instances to examine. Furthermore, it’s difficult to establish exactly how likely Seroquel withdrawal will take place for any kind of given person.

Lots of publications that discuss Seroquel withdrawal are not looking at a big population of clients. Instead, these researches take a deep study one certain instance. While this kind of research study is valuable, it’s not applicable to the general population.

Seroquel Withdrawal Timeline

Seroquel withdrawal can be divided into 3 major groups based upon when the phases are likely to appear following sudden disturbance of use.

Phases of Seroquel Withdrawal

New withdrawal

Rebound withdrawal

Consistent message withdrawal problem

New Withdrawal

New withdrawal signs and symptoms usually set in about one to 4 days after an individual’s last use of Seroquel or other psychotropic medications.

These symptoms can consist of nausea or vomiting, abdominal pain, sleep disturbances, and also various other signs discussed over. The intensity of the signs depends on the person, the size of time the medicine was made use of, as well as the dose.

These symptoms are short-lasting as well as relatively easy to fix. Normally the individual is primarily recouped within a week. However, some signs might persist, perhaps with much less strength, for approximately six weeks.

Rebound Withdrawal

Rebound withdrawal signs and symptoms can additionally take place within the one to four-day duration. Nevertheless, these symptoms may not actually be “withdrawal,” yet a rebound or re-emergence of the underlying symptoms the medication was treating.

Sometimes, the rebound signs and symptoms are a lot more extreme than the original signs present.

Relentless Post-Withdrawal Condition

Consistent post-withdrawal disorder is when the symptoms of withdrawal linger past the six-week mark.

Coping and Relief

In some cases, other medications can be made use of to ease possible withdrawal symptoms. Discuss strategies to handle any kind of withdrawal signs with a medical professional.


Usually, medical professionals will recommend non-prescription (OTC) treatment for symptomatic relief. They may recommend that you take advil, pain killers, or acetaminophen to deal with symptoms like headaches.7 For significant situations of nausea, a physician may recommend a more powerful medication such as Zofran (ondansetron).

Natural Remedies

Natural solutions like ginger extract can assist alleviate the queasiness and throwing up that frequently take place during withdrawal.9 Some individuals experience negative effects from ginger consisting of upset stomach as well as indigestion. Talk with a physician prior to supplementing with ginger to be sure it will not engage with any type of medicines you’re taking.

Monitoring in With Your Medical professional

In some cases, psychotic symptoms may return after stopping antipsychotic medicine. Your suggesting doctor or psychiatrist will likely sign in with you consistently after you terminate your medicine to be sure any emotional symptoms are taken care of.


Due to the potential implications of stopping Seroquel abruptly, the process ought to always be supervised by a physician. Ideally, the drug ought to be tapered with an intended, incremental decreasing of the dosage taken control of the training course of months. There ought to additionally be regular analyses of what you experience as your Seroquel dose is decreased.

If you are taking Seroquel and are thinking about discontinuation, review your choices with a physician. Prevent acting separately regarding your dosages, even if you really feel that it is no more essential.

There is currently consensus among clinicians that if made use of for longer than a number of weeks, a lot of psychotropic medicines can possibly cause some kind of withdrawal.

This should not eliminate using these drugs, however it does imply that careful factor to consider as well as frank conversations with a physician must belong to the procedure of launching therapy of medications like Seroquel.

Long-Term Therapy

If you are fighting with what feels like problematic use Seroquel or an additional drug, you ought to recognize that several rehabilitation and also monitored cleansing centers accept people who are taking out from suggested drug.

There is raising recognition that misuse of prescribed medicines is equally as crippling as making use of illicit medications.

Some facilities likewise help offer psychological and medical assistance for those who are biologically dependent on Seroquel as well as wish to securely come off of it.


If you think you may be having any type of signs and symptoms of withdrawal, share your issues to a medical professional.

If you’re dealing with unfavorable feelings such as regret or pity regarding your withdrawal signs and symptoms, a psychological health professional can assist your procedure those sensations and aid you handle them in a healthy means.

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