Tips For Choosing Materials For Your Future Home

Many people dream of their own country cottage. But before you decide to make your old dream come true and begin construction work, you will need to decide on the important characteristics of the building. Among other things, it is important to choose the right materials for building a house. After all, the reliability and comfort of your home depends on this.

Let’s figure out which building materials are best to pay attention to and what to consider first.

Where to start choosing

Experts advise taking into account the following criteria:
Housing type. 

If you are planning a house for permanent (that is, year-round) residence, then you will need to choose the most durable materials with good thermal insulation properties. When building a summer cottage, you can save money by choosing more budget-friendly solutions.

Building requirements. 

Some people place increased demands on the strength and reliability of the building, planning to use their country house for many decades. For others, the environmental friendliness of the materials is more important.

Construction timeframe. 

Sometimes it is important to move into a house as quickly as possible, so you will need to choose materials that allow construction to be completed in a short time.

Heating features. 

In buildings for permanent residence, it is important to think about how the combustion will be carried out and what fuel will be used.

Cost of operation. 

For example, year-round home repairs or maintenance may be required, which could result in an unpleasant surprise later.

Availability of building materials. 

Another important factor in selecting materials and buy building supplies from home improvement. For example, in some regions it is easier and cheaper to buy timber, while in others such building materials will cost more. 

Construction technology. 

Some materials allow you to construct the object yourself. Others require the involvement of workers. 

Brick construction

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular materials in suburban construction. And the first of them is a brick. The brick buildings are quite massive. They resist the effects of adverse natural factors well, are considered stable and at the same time attractive in appearance. However, building a cottage from such building materials is quite expensive.

Construction from timber

It is suitable for the construction of objects in any style. It has good geometric characteristics, square/rectangular cross-section and smooth surface. The timber has minimal shrinkage and is quite simple to manufacture. 

Construction of frame buildings

The most controversial thing is the frame technology of building houses. It involves creating a special frame made of wood or metal (the first option is still more popular). After this, the floors are created, the walls are sheathed from the inside with OSB boards or plasterboard. A ventilated facade is installed outside using vinyl siding or other finishing options.

Building with blocks

In recent years, the construction of buildings from building blocks has been in demand. One of the main reasons for this popularity is the affordable price. It is also much faster to build a house from such material than using brick or logs.


The choice of material used to build a house should take into account climatic factors, the size and number of floors of the building, its external characteristics and reliability requirements. Of course, many focus on cost, but this approach is not always correct, since a low price may indicate the fragility of the solution. Therefore, we advise you to take into account the desired characteristics of the building and its expected lifespan.

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