Best Vitamin C Lotions for Hyperpigmentation

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In this short article, we’ve rounded up the very best vitamin C serums for hyperpigmentation, consisting of dark spots, melasma, age spots, sun damage, and also uneven skin tone.

Yet that’s not all! We explain the scientific research behind each item and also why we recommend it so you understand what you’re obtaining for your cool tough cash. #SolvingSkinMysteries.

Order your favorite melanin inhibitor as well as allow’s get started!

7 Finest Chemical Peels for Hyperpigmentation

  • 1 What Is The Best Vitamin C Lotion for Hyperpigmentation?
  • 2 Vichy Liftactiv Vitamin C Serum.
  • 3 La Roche-Posay Vitamin C Lotion.
  • 4 Picture Skincare Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum.
  • 5 TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Face Lotion.
  • 6 Meladerm by Civant Skin Treatment.
  • 7 ISDIN Flavo-C Ultraglican Daily Antioxidant Lotion.
  • 8 Precious, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Decrease.
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What Is The Best Vitamin C Serum for Hyperpigmentation?

Below are my top referrals:

Editor’s Choice: Vichy Liftactiv Vitamin C Product.

Ideal Pharmacy Brand: La Roche-Posay Vitamin C Lotion.

Ideal Professional Brand Name: IMAGE Skin Care Important C Hydrating Anti-Aging Product.

Many Popular Select: TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Facial Lotion.

Best for Dark Attractions & Melasma: Meladerm by Civant Skin Care.

Best for Great Lines & Wrinkles: ISDIN Flavo-C Ultraglican Daily Antioxidant Serum.

Best for Delicate Skin: Dear, Klairs Newly Juiced Vitamin Decrease.

Vichy LiftActiv Vitamin C Brightening Skin Corrector.


Let Vichy LiftActiv Vitamin C Product actively lift away your skin concerns with a powerful potion of 15% pure vitamin C, vitamin E, yearn bark remove, as well as hyaluronic acid.

This formula is nearly similar to SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic (the godfather of vitamin C serums); the primary distinction is that Vichy uses want bark essence instead of ferulic acid.

That indicates you get to appreciate a world-class solution for a fraction of the cost! (SkinCeuticals retails for $166).

Both function 15% pure vitamin C (a.k.a. L-ascorbic acid), which is one of the most efficient sort of vitamin C as your body can use it straight without any conversion (Pinnell, 2001).

Both function vitamin E, a free of charge anti-oxidant that aids stabilize L-ascorbic acid to expand its life span and also protect your skin from free extreme damages (Traber, 2011).

And also both have extremely easy ingredient listings (Vichy at 11 and also SkinCeuticals at 12) without additives or fragrances (nonetheless, just SkinCeuticals is alcohol-free).

Now, for the differences:

Vichy makes use of pinus pinaster bark remove (a.k.a. Pycnogenol), abundant in plant antioxidants and derived from French Maritime evergreen, instead of 0.5% ferulic acid.

Vichy utilizes hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, a reduced molecular weight and also “cut up” version of its bigger bro, hyaluronic acid, rather than sodium hyaluronate.

Vichy is miles extra economical at $28.50 for 0.34 oz ($ 84 per oz) versus SkinCeuticals at $166 for 1 oz (two times the rate!) plus the smaller sized bottle size limits vitamin C oxidation.

Regrettably, Vichy doesn’t reveal the pH (one client said it’s 2.5) whereas SkinCeuticals is developed at a pH between 2.0-3.5, in line with the Battle each other Antioxidant Patent.

Nonetheless, I ‘d wager that Vichy is making use of a pH below 3.5 considering that study has revealed it’s needed for L-ascorbic acid to successfully penetrate your skin barrier (Pinnell, 2001).

Our Judgment: With over 7K+ reviews, Vichy Liftactiv Vitamin C Serum is our Editor’s Choice because it’s easy, reliable, and also affordable for everyone! Including 15% pure vitamin C, vitamin E, want bark extract, and also hyaluronic acid, this popular vitamin C product is nearly the same to the first-rate SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic for a portion of the price.

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La Roche-Posay Vitamin C Product.


From the warm springs of La Roche-Posay, France, comes a high-end drugstore brand name that most of us recognize as well as love

With bestsellers in every skin care classification, it’s not a surprise that La Roche-Posay Vitamin C Product made our list.

Including 10% pure vitamin C (a.k.a. L-ascorbic acid), vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and also neurosensine (dipeptide), this multi-tasking formula is vraiment parfait for lightening up, smoothing, hydrating, and also soothing.

Studies have actually revealed that 10-20% L-ascorbic acid is the optimum concentration for skin infiltration (Pinnell, 2001).

At 10% L-AA, La Roche-Posay Vitamin C Product meets these minimal demands, but is finest matched for lack of radiance, great lines, moderate creases, as well as sensitive skin.

Vitamin E supports L-Ascorbic Acid to create a synergistic antioxidant network that protects your skin from UV-induced photodamage and also ecological pollution.

Meanwhile, hyaluronic acid “plumps up” your skin by holding up to 1,000 x its very own weight in H2O molecules (Sutherland, 1998) while neurosensine alleviates rosacea symptoms like inflammation and also level of sensitivity (Seite, 2013).

Finally, salicylic acid gets rid of acnes and also unclog pores while thermal spring water, abundant in minerals like selenium, calms sensitive skin as well as satiates completely dry skin (Seite, 2013).

On the various other hand, La Roche-Posay is not alcohol- or fragrance-free and also makes use of 30 active ingredients (consisting of silicones) contrasted to only 11 for Vichy and also 12 for SkinCeuticals.

Our Decision: Why travel to France when you can have La Roche-Posay Vitamin C Product with 10% pure vitamin C, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, neurosensine, salicylic acid, as well as sparkling water in the palm of your hand (or face) for just $40 an oz, making it a bonafide bargain!

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IMAGE Skin Care Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum.


You understand it’s VITAL to keep your body and also skin loaded with vitamins and also antioxidants to keep growing and also radiant.

(yup, start peeling off those oranges!).

Yet when you’re living your finest (read: active) life, you require IMAGE Skin care Important C Hydrating Anti-Aging Lotion.

This specialist top quality vitamin C seum is like a full multi-vitamin for your skin with 4 types of vitamin C, vitamin E, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and also antioxidants.

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, yet Crucial C daily keeps your skin soft, smooth, and also brilliant!

4 kinds of vitamin C, including L-ascorbic acid, sign up with pressures for one function: to lessen age areas, discolor staining, and also revitalize boring, dry, or maturing skin.

Meanwhile, peptides including palmitoyl oligopeptide (component of MATRIXYL ® 3000) and also acetyl hexapeptide-3 (Argireline ® )smooth fine lines and also creases by boosting collagen manufacturing and also supplying its foundation.

Hyaluronic acid restores wetness to dried out skin while an antioxidant blend of grape seed, algae, environment-friendly tea, and also Indian gooseberry remove nourishes and also shields your skin.

Every one of these components are protected in an opaque container that restricts light as well as air direct exposure, which aids protect the effectiveness of antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, and also environment-friendly tea.

Picture Skincare retails for $75 for 1.7 oz ($ 44 per oz), on par with La Roche-Posay ($ 40 per oz), however gives far better value than Vichy ($ 84 per oz) and SkinCeuticals ($ 166 per oz).

While photo Skincare makes use of 4 sorts of vitamin C, the real percent is not disclosed, making it tough to identify its family member performance, specifically as it makes use of 3 vitamin C by-products.

Furthermore, Essential C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum consists of a tremendous 79 components compared to just 30 for La Roche-Posay, 11 for Vichy, and 12 for SkinCeuticals.

Having stated that, there’s a lot of remarkable active ingredients in there (you get a whole lot of what you pay!) but if you have allergic reactions or sensitive skin, I advise examining the ingredient checklist first.

Our Verdict: An apple a day maintains the doctor away but Vital C once a day keeps indicators of aging away with a full multi-vitamin complicated of vitamin C, vitamin E, peptides, hyaluronic acid, as well as antioxidants like grape seed and environment-friendly tea.

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TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Facial Serum.


With 87,000+ evaluations (and counting), TruSkin Naturals is without a doubt one of the most preferred vitamin C product ever before

This $20 vitamin C lotion is developed, manufactured, as well as bottled in the U.S.A. for optimum quality as well as comes with an industry-leading 90-day refund assurance.

Rather than L-ascorbic acid, TruSkin Naturals makes use of salt ascorbyl phosphate (SAP), an usual vitamin C derivative.

While SAP is more steady and also supplies a longer shelf life, studies reveal that SAP is less reliable than L-AA as it should initially be exchanged L-AA by your body (Stamford, 2012).

One research study discovered that a minimum of 10x the focus of SAP was needed to match the impacts of L-AA for boosting collagen production (Geesin, 1993).

Nevertheless, at this rate factor, most vitamin C lotions on the market usage vitamin C derivatives like SAP (Vichy is a noteworthy exemption that still uses 15% L-AA).

While SAP aids brighten dark spots, MSM (natural sulfur) avoids collagen failure, lowers swelling, as well as cleanses your skin by boosting cell wall permeability.

In addition, MSM calls for lots of vitamin C to function, making SAP the best (dancing) partner! (Period Organics).

Hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and also botanicals like aloe vera, gotu kola, horsetail, dandelion, and also geranium round out this formula with their hydrating and also comforting residential or commercial properties.

With 87,000+ reviews as well as a $20 price, it’s tough not to suggest TruSkin Naturals.

Nevertheless, it’s not as potent as my earlier suggestions (SAP is not as efficient as L-AA) as well as the real focus of vitamin C is not divulged, either.

For about $10 even more, Vichy LiftActiv Vitamin C Lotion is an impressive spending plan option also with 15% L-AA rather than SAP (just bear in mind it’s a 0.34 oz bottle size).

TruSkin Naturals Discount Coupon: Save 10% utilizing price cut code TRUSKIN when you go shopping straight at TruSkin Naturals and also get free shipping in the United States on orders over $30. I very suggest their Day Evening Duo with a complete dimension Vitamin C Face Lotion and Retinol Facial Serum for $35.

Our Judgment: With 87K+ reviews, TruSkin Naturals is really the most popular vitamin C serum on Earth (as well as possibly Mars, as well) with salt ascorbyl phosphate, MSM, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and herb extracts, to maintain your skin smooth, youthful, and also glowing!


You know that vitamin C is a powerful lightening up agent, but did you recognize it’s also far better when incorporated with fellow melanin preventions like bearberry (beta arbutin), emblica fruit (Indian gooseberry), and kojic acid?

Meladerm by Civant Skin Care incorporates over a lots first-rate dark place correctors into a scientifically confirmed formula that’s been perfected for over two decades currently.

The outcome?

A seriously potent, yet hydroquinone-free, skin lightening serum that aids “raise away” severe hyperpigmentation such as melasma, age areas, sunlight damage, and also a lot more.

Meladerm attains these results by dealing with dark areas at their origin – over active melanin production – with 13 different melanin inhibitors:

Bearberry: derived from the Uva Ursi plant, bearberry (a.k.a. beta arbutin) is a natural derivative of hydroquinone that has demonstrated scientific effectiveness in dealing with melasma patients (Hollinger, 2018).

Emblica Fruit: derived from Indian gooseberry, research studies reveal it’s as efficient as 2% and 4% hydroquinone when made use of with licorice origin and also belides, or with kojic acid as well as glycolic acid, respectively (Costa, 2010 and Draelos, 2010).

Kojic Acid: another fungus-derived compound that decreases melanin manufacturing, often utilized in conjuction with 2% hydroquinone (Hollinger, 2018).

Lemon: effective in tiny focus, lemon has trace amounts of vitamin C as well as the alpha hydroxy acid, citric acid (Healthline).

Licorice Origin: a staple in skin lightening circles, licorice root includes glabridin and also liquiritin, both compounds that reduce melanin manufacturing and also irregular skin tone (Yokota, 1998 as well as Hollinger, 2018).

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide): this popular and also effective brightening representative protects against melanin from reaching the top degrees of your skin by disrupting melanosome transfer (Hollinger, 2018).

Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate): this preferred vitamin C acquired helps lighten up as well as safeguard your skin while also stimulating collagen manufacturing.

Meladerm with Box.

White Mulberry: stemmed from dried mulberry leaves, one research located 75% mulberry extract supplied significant renovations in melasma individuals (Alvin, 2011).

Alpha Arbutin: a chemically changed variation of bearberry (beta arbutin) that’s even more effective based on a company-sponsored study (Civant Skin Care).

Azelaic Acid: a fungus-derived compound that inhibits tyrosinase, especially in extremely energetic melanocytes. To put it simply, your new BFF for irregular complexion! (Hollinger, 2018).

Furthermore, Meladerm features a variety of trademarked ingredients, including:

GigaWhite ™: an exclusive mix of 7 naturally Swiss towering plants that were picked for their melanin hindering residential properties (LotionCrafter).

SymWhite ®: an antioxidant derived from evergreen bark that aids brighten your skin without the side effects of harsh active ingredients (SpecialChem).

Sepiwhite ™: stemmed from phenylalanine, this compound hinders melanin synthesis from the hypothalamus according to the producer (LotionCrafter).

Overall, Meladerm is an exceptional option if your routine vitamin C lotion isn’t delivering results.

It’s a bit expensive at $54 for 1 oz however if you purchase the preferred 2 pack choice, it’s just $42 per oz, which is appropriate in-line with La Roche-Posay at $40 per oz.

Our Verdict: Take advantage of the power of vitamin C and a dozen a lot more brighteners with Meladerm, a clinically shown skin lightening product without hydroquinone, parabens, or fragrances to deal with and also stop extreme hyperpigmentation like melasma, age places, as well as uneven tone.


Whether you’re purchasing on your own or another person, ISDIN Flavo-C Ultraglican is the excellent gift!

Impress your recipient with Barcelona-based ISDIN’s ingenious ampoule modern technology which maximizes component quality by stopping air direct exposure.

Each 2 mL ampoule can be utilized two times and also includes a resealable cap. ISDIN recommends warming up the liquid in your hands prior to applying to your face as well as neck.

The normal suspects – pure vitamin C, vitamin E, and also hyaluronic acid – are all existing, plus an unique visitor UltraGlycans, which ISDIN describes as an “innovative mix of proteoglycans and pre-proteoglycans”.

Proteoglycans are important to the proper performance of skin cells as well as offer numerous features including hydration, structural support, and also cell communication (Martiderm).

Long overshadowed by collagen as well as hyaluronic acid, scientists are beginning to understand the significance of proteoglycans in the extracellular matrix (ECM) for advertising skin flexibility and suppleness (Smith, 2015).

That’s why I advise ISDIN Flavo-C Ultraglican for fine lines and wrinkles as it incorporates 3 effective anti-aging components – vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and also proteoglycans – to repair damaged skin frameworks and promote collagen development for better & smoother skin.

On the other hand, it’s a bit costly at 10 ampoules (2 mL each) for $38 (concerning $57 per oz) and also the actual focus of vitamin C is not disclosed, either.

Nevertheless, this isn’t entirely unreasonable when you think about the additional manufacturing and packacing expenses of ampoules contrasted to traditional glass bottles.

Our Judgment: Cheaper than a skin doctor go to, ISDIN Flavo-C Ultraglican makes use of advanced UltraGlycans (proteoglycans and also pre-proteoglycans), vitamin C, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid to restore healthy and balanced, glowing, as well as bouncy skin with much less visible creases and great lines.

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Dear, Klairs Newly Juiced Vitamin Drop.


For sensitive skin kinds, you need a mild formula that’s easy on your skin yet still tough on coloring.

The successful Oriental brand Dear, Klairs has the solution with Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop featuring 5% L-AA as well as an assortment of skin soothers like centella asiatica.

5% L-AA at a pH of 3.81 (Sokoglam) does not satisfy the minimum requirements for a reliable vitamin C serum (e.g. 10-20% L-AA at pH < 3.5) (Pinnell, 2001).

Nevertheless, it’s precisely because of its low concentration as well as much less acidic pH that Klairs is best for delicate skin (or as a booster for your day-to-day face product).

The number of active ingredients is higher than I would love to see (45) however the formula is alcohol- and also fragrance-free (unfortunately, it’s not oil-free because of lavender oil).

There’s no demand for alarm, however, as the majority of these ingredients soothe skin, like centella asiatica (tiger turf) which assists recover your skin obstacle (Bylka, 2013).


Klairs Fresh Juiced Vitamin C Serum Review.

Meanwhile, amino acids like lysine and also proline and peptides like sh-olgopeptide-1 aid your skin rebuild both facial and epidermal skin cells for a smoother-looking skin.

Lastly, 2 types of tea extract (camellia sinensis callus culture and theanine) lets your face “keep one’s cool as well as continue”, no matter just how crazy your day (or evening) gets!

Our Verdict: With over 1 million devices sold, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop by Wishtrend is a blockbuster Korean vitamin C product that’s perfect for delicate skin kinds as it utilizes 5% L-AA and consists of skin soothers like centella asiatica, amino acids, peptides, and tea removes.

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