Can Vitamins And Supplements Effectively Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

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You can’t avoid some sources of ED, such as aging. However, research reveals that a healthy and balanced way of living can lower the threat of ED. As an example, keeping a body weight that’s healthful for you via physical activity has actually been associated with reduced rates of ED (3Trusted Source, 4Trusted Resource).

Though ED is treatable with prescription medications or clinical treatments, there has been an increased rate of interest in alternative treatments to improve ED symptoms.

In particular, many people might wonder whether particular supplements as well as vitamins work. This article tells you which supplements and vitamins might help handle ED.

Supplements and erectile dysfunction

Though there’s no definitive information to support taking supplements to treat ED, some study reveals that particular vitamins as well as natural remedies might boost ED signs.

Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is among the most studied vitamins in the treatment of ED. It’s a steroid hormonal agent that has been linked with sexual function and cardio health.

One 2020 evaluation revealed a substantial organization between low vitamin D degrees and ED seriousness. This recommends that low levels might make signs even worse, compared with sufficient vitamin D levels (5Trusted Resource).

Another study from 2016 in 92 males with type 2 diabetic issues revealed greater rates of ED and aggravated ED symptoms in those with low vitamin D degrees, compared to people with sufficient degrees (6Trusted Source).

Other research studies have likewise revealed an organization in between vitamin D shortage and ED (7Trusted Source, 8Trusted Source).

That stated, one 2019 evaluation showed no substantial organization between vitamin D shortage as well as ED. Though, it suggested ED signs and symptoms may be heightened in those with various other persistent conditions (e.g., type 2 diabetes mellitus, heart disease) and low vitamin D degrees (9Trusted Source).

It’s thought that vitamin D may support ED by improving blood flow to the penis as well as sustaining the manufacturing of male hormones, such as testosterone. While this concept is appealing, much more research study is needed to verify it (10Trusted Resource, 11Trusted Source).

If you presume you or a loved one has a vitamin D deficiency, obtain your levels checked by a health care professional. For lots of people, vitamin D levels can be quickly stabilized with a vitamin D supplement.

Red ginseng.

Red ginseng is typically referred to as the “organic Viagra” for its capability to aid with ED. It’s likewise referred to as panax ginseng.

Red ginseng consists of compounds called ginsenosides, which might assist to loosen up smooth muscle in the penis to support an erection. Plus, it’s believed to enhance cardiovascular wellness, which is typically associated with ED (12Trusted Source).

One 2018 analysis revealed substantial improvements in International Index of Erectile Dysfunction (IIEF) ratings with red ginseng, compared with a sugar pill. There were likewise significant enhancements in erectile feature and also sexual satisfaction (13Trusted Source).

Another 2021 review showed small enhancements in ED symptoms, but the writers suggested the effects may not be scientifically appropriate (14Trusted Resource).

That claimed, more research is required.


L-arginine is a naturally taking place amino acid that enhances nitric oxide manufacturing, which can aid boost an erection.

One 2019 evaluation showed that supplementing with 1,500 to 5,000 mg of L-arginine caused considerable enhancements in IIEF scores. The writers concluded L-arginine may work in dealing with moderate to modest ED (15Trusted Resource).

One more 2020 randomized research showed L-arginine (2,500 mg daily) was similarly as efficient in dealing with moderate and moderate ED as tadalafil (5 mg), an usual ED medication. And also a mix of both treatments revealed the most enhancements (16Trusted Resource).

An additional research revealed comparable enhancements in ED with L-alanine on its own along with when integrated with tadalafil (17Trusted Source).


L-carnitine is an amino acid derivative that sustains fat metabolic rate, sperm production, and also cardiovascular health and wellness. It might sustain ED by boosting penile blood circulation (18Trusted Source).

In particular, Propionyl-L-carnitine has actually been revealed to enhance ED when incorporated with other solutions, such as L-arginine and sildenafil (Viagra).

In one study in 54 guys with ED, taking a supplement consisting of Propionyl-L-carnitine, L-arginine, and niacin (vitamin B3) for 3 months resulted in considerable renovations in IIEF ratings (19Trusted Source).

Notably, 37% as well as 46% of subjects reported minor or significant improvements in ED symptoms, specifically. That said, the study couldn’t connect the enhancement in signs and symptoms only to L-carnitine (19Trusted Source).

One review showed that non-responders to sildenafil (Viagra) may have low L-carnitine as well as vitamin D levels, suggesting supplements may boost medicine effectiveness (20Trusted Resource).

While this is appealing, more medical study is required prior to it can be advised as a stand-alone remedy.

Tribulus terrestris.

Tribulus terrestris is a tiny, leafy plant that has been made use of in typical Chinese medication as well as Ayurvedic medication as an aphrodisiac. Research on it is combined, though (21Trusted Resource).

In one 2014 randomized, double-blind research study, supplementing with Tribestan (Tribulus terrestris, 800 mg per day) for 1 month was ineffective in improving IIEF ratings contrasted to a sugar pill (22Trusted Resource).

On the other hand, a 2017 randomized, double-blind research study showed considerable enhancements in IIEF ratings after supplementing with Tribestan (Tribulus terrestris, 1,500 mg each day) for 12 weeks. The writers recommended it might be a reliable alternative in dealing with moderate to moderate ED (23Trusted Source).

An additional 2016 testimonial suggested that though research study on Tribulus terrestris in treating ED is inconclusive, it might supply small renovations in symptoms. The writers wrapped up that more human tests are required (24Trusted Source).

While these remedies may help reduce ED, it is very important to speak to a health care expert prior to starting any type of new supplements to make sure it’s appropriate for you as well as won’t interact with any drugs you may be taking.

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