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One Capital Residences Apartments


One Capital Homes Lofts is a super undertaking that is RDA-endorsed and created by Archivio Modelers in a joint effort with Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Restricted (HRL) and Future Improvements Possessions (Pvt.) Restricted (DHL). This venture offers ultra-extravagance condos with contemporary conveniences and the best elements. It is situated in the Abroad East Block of Capital Savvy City inverse the Games Region for the occupants. It is the nearest block to the entry of the lodging society.

The award-winning Dr. Daniel Fraile has planned its end-all strategy. These lofts will be high-yielding venture choices in the forthcoming future. This blog will feature the proprietors and engineers, NOC, groundbreaking strategy, installment plan, and notable highlights of One Capital Homes Condo. Kingdom Valley

One Capital Residences Apartments Owners and Developers

The designers of One Capital Homes Lofts are Arquivio Planners, in union with HRL and DHL. The organization has extended to various nations, and its group has profoundly qualified experts with long stretches of involvement. The organization has insight into people in general and confidential areas and has some expertise in planning and creating critical metropolitan ventures. 

Arquivo Architects offers the following range of services that include:

  • Architecture
  • Landscaping
  • Lighting Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Urban Designing
  • Interior Designing

Daniel Fraile and Juanjo Soria established the Spain-based Arquivio Planners in 1999 to offer the best plan highlights.

One Capital Residences Apartments NOC

The No Complaint Testament (NOC) of One Capital Homes Condo is supported by Rawalpindi Advancement Authority (RDA). Each lodging venture’s lawful status assumes a critical part in making it a beneficial speculation. Since One Capital Homes is a sub-task of Capital Shrewd City, it lies under its position. Capital Brilliant City Authority has proactively supported this private venture so financial backers can make protected speculation.

One Capital Residences Apartments Details

The floor plan of One Capital Homes Lofts is planned by an exceptionally proficient group that incorporates modelers, specialists, and originators. The floor configuration is enlivened by Eduardo Chillida, the unbelievable Spanish stone worker notable for his amazing craftsmanship artists. Dr. Daniel Fraile has planned these lofts in a joint effort with a Spanish plan organization.

The condos of One Capital Homes offer the best elements to guarantee that the occupants can make their fantasy homes as indicated by their necessities. One Capital Homes Lofts offers a sum of 1,738 extravagant condos that are accessible in various sizes                   

.Taj Residencia

The lofts are separated into the accompanying pinnacles:

  • Emerald Tower
  • Daisy Tower
  • Silver Bell Tower
  • Oleander Tower
  • Jade TowerOne pinnacle is saved explicitly for Adjusted Condos, and the other is held for Overhauled Workplaces. The floor plans for Jade Pinnacle have been delivered.

Jade Tower

The Jade Pinnacle involves nine stories, offering Studio, 1 and 2-bed condos on the entirety of its floors. In this way, book a loft in Jade Pinnacle at a 5% upfront installment and pay the excess sum through simple portions of 3.5 years.

For affirmation of the property, the financial backers need to follow through on 10% of the complete cost in somewhere around 30 days in the wake of booking. 10% of the complete expense will be expected during ownership. 

Jade Tower comprises the following:

  • Nine floors
  • Studios Apartments
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments

Jade Tower comprises apartments of the following configurations:

  • Studio Apartment
  • 1-bed Apartment
  • 2-bed Apartment
  • 2-bed Duplex Apartment
  • 3-bed Apartment
  • 3-bed Duplex Apartment
  • 3-bed Duplex DIP POOL
  • 4 Bed Duplex
  • 4 Bed Duplex DIP POOL

Jade Tower Layout Plan

The following is the layout plan of Jade Tower of One Capital Residences Apartments:

  • Jade Tower Studio Apartment
  • Jade Tower 1-Bed Apartment
  • Jade Tower 2-Bed Apartment
  • Jade Tower 2 Bed Duplex Apartment
  • Jade Tower 3-Bed Apartment

Jade Tower 3 Bed Duplex Apartment

  • 3 Bed Duplex DIP POOL

Jade Tower 4 Bed Duplex

  • 4 Bed Duplex DIP POOL

One Capital Residences Apartments Payment Plan

The lofts in single Capital Homes are accessible at PKR 10,500 for each square foot of net region. The absolute cost of a loft is as per the net region contrasted with the gross region, as ordinarily finished with such undertakings. It will give a tremendous benefit to their financial backers since they will be paying just for the covered region of the loft. Rudn Enclave

The payment schedules of One Capital Residences are as below:

Studio Apartment Payment Plan

  • The total price of the studio apartment is PKR 10,131,000
  • The down payment is offered at PKR 505,700
  • The confirmation price after 30 days is PKR 1,013,500
  • The possession is offered at PKR 1,019,000

1-Bed Apartment Payment Plan

  • The total price of the 1-bed apartment is PKR 16,665,000
  • The down payment is offered at PKR 832,500
  • The confirmation price after 30 days is PKR 1,666,000
  • The possession is offered at PKR 1,660,100

2-Bed Apartment Payment Plan

  • The total price of the 2-bed apartment is PKR 30,525,000
  • The down payment is offered at PKR 1,525,000
  • The confirmation price after 30 days is PKR 3,055,500
  • The possession is offered at PKR 3,055,500

Salient Features of One Capital Residences Apartments

The following are the salient features of One Capital Residences Apartments:

  • Gym
  • Golf Course
  • Accessibility
  • Affordability
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Houses
  • Grocery Store
  • Ideal location
  • Swimming Pools
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Arena for Children
  • Surveillance and Security


One Capital Homes Condos is a multi-reason project that will give offices moderateness, openness, and an optimal area. These condos are the best open door for financial backers, and they can undoubtedly benefit from this open door by reaching us.

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