Ambrosia: Selling Healthy, Organic, and Natural foods, supplement,s, and groceries since 1979


With less food and packaging waste than conventionally packaged products, bulk foods have been a sustainable alternative for many years. Consumers are able to make impromptu purchases if the need arises. Immediate cost savings and reduced carbon output are realized for the consumer which John and Rina made use of and opened Ambrosia in 1979. 

Ambrosia is a leading multi-product store that functions efficiently with a vast variety of products readily available to consumers. With 20+ categories and 300+ products, you can consider One stop shop for organic and natural foods to household to supplements.  For a more detailed review of all the features, services, and detail about this platform please keep reading. 


Ambrosia has been an acclaimed name for years, and In 1994, after 15 successful years of operation in its John Street facility, the Ambrosia team made the decision to undertake a significant expansion of their company. The Thornhill location of Ambrosia, once located in a 700-square-foot facility, has expanded to a new, more giant retail warehouse on Doncaster Avenue. 

The second store, in the Vaughan district, opened the following year, in 2013. Their newest outpost, in Toronto, Canada, launched in the new year, and they have no plans to slow down anytime soon.

Prominent Services Offered

There are many services offered by this platform but some of its most evident provisions are listed below. 

  • From its humble beginnings as a bulk food provider, they’ve come to offer all manner of organic and all-natural foods, cosmetics, frozen dinners, gourmet products, and more. You may go to their online shop or brick-and-mortar location whenever you want and fill up on organic and natural food, cleaning products, vitamins, and more. Beauty products , health items, and baby and kid products are also available on this platform easily. 
  • Another aspect that makes Ambrosia worthwhile is its budget-friendly offers. The prices offered are exquisite and much lower than the market charges which makes it highly convenient for customers to approach it for household shopping majorly organic food. 
  • A service that also makes this store modern and more diverse is its shop-by-brand category. You can look from popular to discreet brands and order products according to your requirements easily. 

Effortless Ordering Process

Ordering from their online site is relatively simple. In a few easy steps, you can simply secure your order which will be delivered to your doorstep in record time. 

  • Open the site using a laptop or mobile phone and type in ‘’. 
  • As soon as the site opens you can navigate to the item categories. 
  • Simply do a search using the relevant department or key terms, and pick out the products you want. 
  • You may finish off your purchase by utilizing their trustworthy shopping cart.
  • After this, you will get a confirmation notification and your order will arrive in the provided time. 


Organic foods agave been a lifestyle for many people around the globe and getting fresh produce delivered to your door is an ideal case. To fulfill this along with offering many other products, Ambrosia comes with its leading service forward. 

Its vast selection of items, budget-friendly prices, and money-back guarantee provides an incredible outlook on the platform. We hope this review helps you in gathering knowledge and helping you in ordering from this service easily. 

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